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Back from a nourishing long weekend (meditating in Croatia....yayyy), I found my self intercepted at the train station, hurrying to the bus home. An Indian man stopped me and had a few words for me. Teachers are truly everywhere. As long as we are in body, we are still learning💕 What have been some of your chance encounters that appeared to have a loud and clear message for you?

This is Buddy and Bandit. Already living in Switzerland for a few years, I hadn't seen Buddy for a very long time. He was already quite old, but as you see here, he seemed perfectly content with life... This was my first day getting back to Texas, and naturally I had to visit with my friends. A wonderful hello, giving lots of love to these two. That night, in his sleep, Buddy made a peaceful transition. I thank him and am so happy he waited to see me to have the chance to say goodbye to...

Life is a process. It's time to remember why we came here and no longer being 'lost' in the expectations of others.

Life is our greatest teacher. Some of our experiences may have seemed harsh, rough, and practically impossible to make it through.

How do I Feel when This Present Moment is Perfect? What do I Smell? How do I Breathe? How does my body move? What do I See? How do I Radiate Now?

Healing occurs on many levels, not just the physical body. And most times, healing takes must go through a process. Patience is important. Years of different experiences have added up to bring us where we presently are. And for that, we need to practice patience with ourselves. Let ourselves go through the process.