Sometimes I feel Crossing Overs. The very first time, I felt it in my body, rising up. Someone from the outside would have probably labeled this episode as a panic attack. I had no idea of what was happening to me. I felt the need to leave the place I had just arrived, ASAP. Once outside I cried, having no idea why.  A few days later, it happened.

It's gotten easier, since acknowledging and embracing that part of me which feels more than many eyes see. Right after going through Reiki Attunements, it seems as though this part opened up a bit more.  It caught me by surprise on a night out, as I suddenly felt the energy flowing through my hands. The next day, hearing the news on my drive to work, energy started flowing from both my hands and feet, with a steady flow of tears. Overwhelmed, I thought, 'What Am I Supposed to Do?' Driving on the highway, sobbing because I was feeling a lot for the situation, for the people, for the families, for the earth.....I started focusing and envisioning that the energy flows exactly to where and who it's most needed by....streaming rays of pink, loving light, anchoring as well into the earth. I felt better, wiser and more prepared for any future situations.

Another time, I heard someone asking for help in another language. My eyes did a sideways glance, because I knew I was night....alone.  Then I realized someone must be crossing over. I let them know that it's ok. They would be welcomed by their family that most loves them. And that they would be embraced by the Creator. A few days later, it happened.

I don't remember planning this. But it is what it is. If I'm called to help someone in a physical body, I will do what I can with the tools I've been given. If someone out of body needs assistance, and I'm the one to hear the call, I will do what I can to help them cross over. 

Can you imagine all of the children who also Feel what most don't see? Can you imagine how many of us adults are living lives with these latent tools, that are calling to be used?

Most of us can accept that some animals begin to prepare themselves for events that are about to happen. Like heading to higher ground before tsunamis. Our sensors can pick up on information that is about to happen, or is happening.

I know it might still be scary for some to acknowledge something like this close to home (within your own family.) I also personally know it feels better to acknowledge it than trying to fight it. Pushing it to the back burner may lead to confusion, either in yourself (adults) or the ones around you (especially kids).

Life is not the easiest growing up sensing a lot more than what is being acknowledged.   If you have a child who might be sensitive to more than meets the eye - and you don't yet know how to handle these topics - find them someone that they can talk to. Find them another 'Sensitive' who can pretty much be there for this part of their life. Someone they can ask questions to and hear that it's all right. Someone who can give them tips on how to handle their 'tools'.  Someone who can also give you a better idea of what's going on.

If you have any questions, ask me....I mean it! If I personally don't have a good answer, I'll point you in a helpful direction.